Eschmeyer Catalog of Fishes
Autor: Heiko Brunken, 18. September 2013


Eine grundsätzliche Voraussetzung für jegliches Arbeiten mit Fischen, ob es sich nun um wissenschaftliche Forschung oder die Anwendung von Richtlinien und Gesetzen handelt, ist eine korrekte taxonomische Bezeichnung der Arten. Bei der hohen Biodiversität an Fischen (> 25.000 Arten weltweit) ist dies eine große Herausforderung. Eine wesentliche Arbeitshilfe stellt hierbei der Eschmeyer-Fischkatalog (Catalog of Fishes) der California Academy of Sciences dar, aktuell herausgegeben von Bill Eschmeyer und Ronald Fricke:

Eschmeyer, W.N. and Fricke, R. (eds.) Catalog of Fishes electronic version (updated 9 Sep 2013).

Species of Fishes by family/subfamily - Prepared by Bill Eschmeyer and Jon Fong from the 13 March 2009 version.
This is the fourth posting of this summary. Total valid taxa reflect new taxa added minus taxa moved into synonymy plus taxa newly moved to valid. The classification is as used in the Catalog of Fishes.

Ichthyological collections - Presented are those specimen collections mentioned in the main Catalog of Fishes database, especially as repositories of type specimens. Besides museum names and abbreviations, this includes WWW sites, cross-referencing of abbreviations, and selection of museums by country, along with type catalogs, historical articles, name changes, transfers, and other items for individual collections. This is the second posting of this database. Prepared by Ron Fricke and Bill Eschmeyer.

Ichthyological journals - There are nearly 2400 individual journals or monograph series in the Catalog of Fishes database. We provide full citations, and other information such as changes in titles, published duration, ISSN numbers, WWW sites, etc. This is the second posting of this database. Prepared by Ron Fricke and Bill Eschmeyer.

How to cite the Catalog of Fishes: As previously suggested, if you use the Catalog to check spellings, authorships, dates of publication and related items, and/or as a source of recent publications, please consider mentioning this in your methods section or include a citation in your literature cited as: Eschmeyer, W.N. and Fricke, R. (eds.) Catalog of Fishes electronic version (updated 13 Mar. 2009). http://research.calacademy.org/ichthyology/catalog/fishcatsearch.html

Acknowledgments for this version: Note that Ron Fricke has joined the projects as an editor. Very special thanks for this version are to Michal Miksik and Erwin Schraml (www.worldfish.de) and Dennis Polack and Eddy Derijst for extensive and important assistance. Jon Fong and Stan Blum continued to provide computer support and advice on technical matters. CAS provides funds to cover expenses of Eschmeyer. We are grateful to the many journals that have or are moving to open access. Also, the WWW site of Michal Miksik and Erwin Schraml (www.worldfish.de) is an excellent source for new taxa. Michal Miksik, Erwin Schraml and Stefan Koerber assist us in finding new references and taxa. Dennis Polack searches for errors in the database. James Maclaine (BMNH) researches "missing" types at the BMNH, and forwards new finds on a regular basis. Many others assisted with this version: (alphabetically) Erik Åhlander, Gerald Allen, Eric Anderson, William D. Anderson, Nicolas Bailly, Gert Boden, John Bruner, Emily Capuli, Rudolf Cares, Dave Catania, Christian Cramer, David Eschmeyer, Thomas Fraser, Dave Greenfield, Alian Grioche, Elaine Heemstra, Phil Heemstra, Hans Ho, Mysi Hoang, Walter Ivantsoff, Zeehan Jaafar, Seishi Kimura, Stefen Koerber, Maurice Kottelat, Rudie Kuiter, Sven Kullander, Nick Lang, Helen Larson, Jeff Leis, Tomas Litz, Andres Lopez, Nathan Lujan, Eddie Matheson, Jiri Plistil, John McCosker, Juan Marcos Mirande, Prachya Musikasinthorn, Joe Nelson, H.H. Ng, Hans Paepke, Mats Petersson, Sabine Petri, Graham Proudlove, John Randall, Clive Roberts, Mark Sabaj Pérez, Ingo Schindler, Igor Sheremetyev, Koichi Shibuka, Melanie Stiassny, William Smith-Vaniz, J. Töpfer, Emmanuel Vreven, Jeff Williams.
Bill Eschmeyer
California Academy of Sciences
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